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My name is Alessandro Miele. I was born in April 1974, in an italian famous city: Naples. Naples notoriety in all over the world comes from our favorite dish: the Pizza! Don't you know it?

But let's back to talk about me... Since I was a child I played with personal computer starting from a Commodore 16... (ah... the tape in wich I stored software is still a great memory). Then I discovered the power of graphics, sounds and multimedia jumping to the Commodore Amiga and its Amiga Basic programming language. My new friend was a mouse! It was also a friend of my big cat who liked so much to follow the white arrow on the screen!

Two years later, I sold out my Amiga and I bought a sound card and I putted it into my father's pc who used it to record his business accounting. In that occasion I also bought a new operating system stored on a lot of floppy disks: Windows 3.1! Great. In that moment was born my passion to developing applications.

I learned Turbo Pascal, and then C++. One of my first implementation was Tic Tac Toe. When I showed it to my prgramming languages teacher at university he told me "what is this?" and I answered: "it's a game". After twenty played games the professor told me: "it's not a good application! I'm always a looser!"

At twenty years old I started my first job in an electronic company. But my responsability was to store documents in a big room. Obviuosly paper documents! And so in that period I developed for my company a digital optical storage software. It is still running today! And it works in MS Access! :)

Some years later, after two other companies, I came to an e-commerce company. I had there my occasion to really know the web. It was year 2000. ...Read About Alessandro Miele


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