Features at a glance

What can you do with StandardWeb?

You can:

  • Create a Website starting from scratch
  • Create a categories (folder)list in wich categorize your content (this will be your menu)
  • Annidate categories one inside another as you want
  • Move categories from a location to another with all their content inside
  • Update and Delete categories and all their nested content
  • Insert, update, move and delete an unlimited number of Articles inside each category.
  • Enrich every article with pictures, with audio files and with YouTube videos without loosing conformance to XHTML1.0 strict rules.
  • Create an unlimited number of Users (Enterprise Version)
  • Categorize the users in Groups to simplify the management
  • Assign to a group or to a single user custom rights on categories or on a single article
  • create complex strategies to let users to read or to insert categories and articles in a very easy way

All these operations without keep in mind accessibility rules: StandardWeb will mantain your content in conformance with standards and it will always generate valid XHTML 1.0 Strict markup.



StandardWeb has been developed to obtain at minimum the WCAG 2.0 Level A conformance.

This means that every content inserted by users is processed by the software to remove or to report any non compliant content.

The final result is that each webpage dynamically built by the software will be compliant at least with one of the most important accessibility rule: the formal validity of the code language (4.1.1). ...Read Accessibility


Information Architecture

StandardWeb is a very flexible system. The content is stored under Categories. The best example for a Category is a folder on a common personal computer. ...Read Information Architecture


The breadcrumb navigation bar

StandardWeb automatically generates the breadcrumb navigation bar.

Based on the nested structure of the information architecture, the users browsing history between the pages is tracked and the user can easily understand in wich node they are. ...Read The breadcrumb navigation bar


(meta) TAGs

To help Search Engines to index the website content, the author can insert for each category and for each article some specific keywords called meta TAG. ...Read (meta) TAGs



The webpages content created by a Content Management System such as StandardWeb, is dynamically generated extracting information from a database previously populated by authors.

This kind of software uses a particular technology that has to override some problems linked to the intrinsic structure of the http protocol. ...Read URL-Rewriting

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