StandardWeb will be presented at ICCHP 2010

StandardWeb will be presented at ICCHP 2010View this image in original resolution: ICCHP Logo July 14-16, 2010, Vienna University of Technology, Austria.

ICCHP focuses on all aspects related to Assistive Technologies (AT) and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for people with disabilities. According changes in awareness and understanding of disability as well as social and legal frameworks, driven by Disability Rights and Independent Living Movements led to what is known as eAccessibility, Universal Design or eInclusion. User involvement and user centred design are the underlying general topic of ICCHP leading to an interdisciplinary discussion of all stakeholders in the value chain that allows social innovation in the information society.

StandardWeb will partecipate in the conference with a poster session in which will be showed all the main features of the software and all the key benefits using it by people with special needs.


StandardWeb development video.

In this video we talk about the story of StandardWeb development.

Many great thanks for their patience to make recordings, because they are already really busy with all the rest of work, to:

  • Alessandro Miele - Software Architect
  • Lara Selvaggi - Design leader
  • Pasquale Sansone - Marketing manager
  • Chiara Chiliberti - Testing leader

...and to all the people that in some way partecipated to the make of the movie.


Version 2.9.0 released

We have just ended the first test session on StandardWeb release 2.9.0View this image in original resolution: StandardWeb 2.9 Box.

This release contains a lot of improvements inside the code and a better separation of concerns between the layers. This means a better agility in updating code by developers and a minor impact to the final user.

But the most important upgrade of the version is the optimization of the memory cache. We reached optimal performances on the data extraction to improve the end-user experience.

We always keep in mind that end-user could host the software on very poor servers and it's really a foundamental matter to obtain the best performances as possible in this scenarios as well.

We also tested StandardWeb using a Microsoft Access Database and the results were really good.

Now minor upgrades are in beta testing but this version is really important for improvment. We stay on alert for any bug or problem you want to report us. Thankyou!

StandardWeb Staff

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