Who would like to use StandardWeb?

StandardWeb is useful in a wide range of scenarios.

If you need a personal website to show on Internet your last work, but you have short time to manage its structure, to design the layout and to update contents, StandardWeb can help you simplifying your iterative job.

If your Company wants an information area to advertise new products, a documents sharing area for employees, and a blog area for the customers, StandardWeb can help you to organize content in separated areas and let you to assign different permissions to each group for each area.

If you want a wide portal for your school offering space for each classroom and its teachers, everyone linked with each other and if you also want a sharing space for students, StandardWeb can let you to manage all the needed complex taxonomy.

If you want a website accessible to impaired people, using assistive technologies, a website generally usable regardless the user's browsing system and you don't want to spend your time writing webpages from scratch, StandardWeb generates webpage in compliance with W3C Standards.

If you are not a developer or if you don't feel comfortable with personal computer, internet, and so on, but you need for any reason a website, you could evaluate the use of StandardWeb: it's really very simple to use.

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