ASL Napoli 1 Centro official website

The Local Health public Company ASL Napoli 1 Centro is using StandardWeb as its official website.

The website is online since June 1st, and had about 70.000 visitors. It's full compliant with W3C Standards XHTML 1.0 Strict and WCAG 2.0 Level A.

The site is currentuly managed by people who insert and edit content and offers integration with other software platform to manage reserved areas.

It's divided in about 30 main areas and is constantly under reorganization.

ASL Napoli 1 main focus is to grant access to people having special needs and to let them to browse the website content with any kind of browser or assistive technologies.

Go to the ASL Napoli 1 Centro WebSite

StandardWeb will be presented in a poster session during the ICCHP 2010 and the ASL Napoli 1 Centro website will be one of the live examples.

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  1. Renee - 18/09/2012 16:16:09

    This really wowed..

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