ASL Napoli 1 Centro official website

The Local Health public Company ASL Napoli 1 Centro is using StandardWeb as its official website.

The website is online since June 1st, and had about 70.000 visitors. It's full compliant with W3C Standards XHTML 1.0 Strict and WCAG 2.0 Level A.

The site is currentuly managed by people who insert and edit content and offers integration with other software platform to manage reserved areas.

It's divided in about 30 main areas and is constantly under reorganization.

ASL Napoli 1 main focus is to grant access to people having special needs and to let them to browse the website content with any kind of browser or assistive technologies.

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StandardWeb will be presented in a poster session during the ICCHP 2010 and the ASL Napoli 1 Centro website will be one of the live examples.

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Nuovo PSI - Italian political party website

This is a national political party website. It's divided into a lot of areas and there are many groups of user each one with special rights within its specific area.

All the areas are hierarchically managed: there are users groups who can insert or edit data but cannot publish online. There are users group who can publish data but are not authorized to do in all the areas.

The complexity of a political party is reflected inside the hierarchical website structure.

StandardWeb is the Content Management System choosed by Nuovo PSI to manage all these information.

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Alessandro e Lara Wedding website

This is a Wedding website implementation...

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Fondazione Giovanni e Lucia Di Trapani

A no-profit organization publishes online all the events promoted by its activities. The website is very flexible and always changing because of the frenetic activity of the organization.

Many people take part in the content editing and there are often more than one process before an article could go online.

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Implantologia Italiana - Website

A dentist surgeon and his staff needed a double function website: first an area in wich promote their works to their customers; second they needed a sharing area for lessons and documents accessible from around the world because they often travel.

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This site!

...this site runs on StandardWeb... yes not really so obvious because a lot of companies' websites don't reside on the software they build...

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"Teoria del Campo Unico" - Website

"The development during the present century is characterized by two theoretical systems essentially independent of each other: the theory of relativity and the quantum theory. The two systems do not directly contradict each other; but they seem little adapted to fusion into one unified theory. For the time being we have to admit that we do not possess any general theoretical basis for physics which can be regarded as its logical foundation." Albert Einstein, 1940

The author talks about an innovative phisics theory that gives an explanation of where relativity and quantum theory meet.

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Alessandro Miele - Personal / Business Website

On his website Alessandro Miele writes about his work and about some arguments related to information technology.

He wrote some articles about accessibility and about ecology and website.

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Lara Selvaggi - Personal WebSite

Lara Selvaggi teaches Phisics and Classical Dance. She wanted a personal website to insert some contents about her activies and about her studies.

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